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(190) KD9 (Guest House)

Started by HB KIM, Sep 18, 2007, 08:53 AM

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Clinical indication of KD9 (Zhu Bin)

1.  Name
KD 9 is a very good point for detox.  The toxin implies the "Zhu (guest)" and the body implies the "Bin (house)".

2.  Detoxification
KD 9 is the best point for releasing toxins through the stool.  Application of KD9 can cause diarrhea due to its function of descending toxins.  The use of KD9 is good for treatment of various toxins including, syphilis, lin syndrome, and infant eczema.

3.  Probiotics
If a patient experiences urticaria or hives after eating it may be due to toxins from the intestines.  The accumulation of toxins piling up can cause thickening of the skin. When you use Probiotics to increase good microorganism in the Large intestine, you can use KD9 together.

4.  Urticaria due to Food Poisoning
Combine Li15 (good for urticaria) with K9 (good for descending toxins).  You can apply moxa to these points.  You can also apply moxa to Inner-Neiting.  Patient may feel a warm sensation from the foot to the stomach region along the ST channel while using Inner-Neiting.  According to folk medicine, sesame oil can be used for urticaria due to food poisoning.  You can apply this combination for urticaria due to food poisoning.

5.  Mental
K9 is the Xi-cleft point and the origin of the Yin Wei channel.  KD9 used in combination with PC6 the confluent point of the Yin Wei, opens the chest and calms the mind.  According to some classics KD9 is also used for treatment of mental disorders.