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(193) Adie syndrome

Started by HB KIM, Sep 26, 2007, 08:13 AM

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Formula for Adie syndrome

Differentiation: LV and KD Yin deficiency, Deficient Fire
Tx principle: Nourish LV and KD, Astringe pupil

Sheng Di Huang ...15g
Shu Di Huang ...15g
Mu Dan Pi ...9g
Ze Xie ...9g
Fu Ling ...9g
Shan Zhu Yu ...9g
Han Shui Shi ...12g
Huang Bai ...9g
Mai Men Dong ...9g
Wu Wei Zi ...9g
Nu Zhen Zi ...9g
Sang Shen Zi ...9g
Chen Pi ...9g

Adie syndrome: A condition manifested by usually one tonic pupil with absent tendon reflexes. An idiopathic postganglionic denervation of the parasympathetically innervated intraocular muscles, usually complicated by signs of aberrant regeneration of these nerves: a weak light reaction with segmental palsy of iris sphincter, a strong slow near response. Deep tendon reflexes, particularly ankle and knee, are often asymmetrically reduced.