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(198) UB40 (Supporting Middle)

Started by HB KIM, Oct 12, 2007, 06:25 AM

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Clinical indication of UB40 (Supporting Middle)

1. Name
"Zhong" means  "Middle" and it also means that it can reach the top, bottom, left, and right.  It implies that this point affects the whole body and central nervous system.  Needling UB40 is like needling the whole body.  "Wei Zhong" means "supporting the middle", so as we know UB40 is very effective in treating lower back pain.

2. Lower Back Pain
It is the command point for lower back pain, and it is also one of the basic points for lower back along with DU3 and UB23 according to modern Chinese acupuncture.  If a patient can stand up but cannot walk because they don't have enough strength in the lower back, UB40 can be used.  For regular lower back pain, bilateral UB40 is used; for weakness of the lower back due to sequelae of stroke, the affected side of UB40 is used.  You can also bleed UB40 in the above case.  I think UB40 and "Du Huo (Angelicae Pubescentis Radix)" has some similar aspects.  They are both used for lower back pain and headache clinically.  Du Huo enters the KD and UB channel and UB40 is also related with the UB and KD.  UB40 is the He-sea point of the UB and is also the origin of the UB divergent channel.

3. "Mu Shen"
UB40 can be used for Mu Shen (swollen testicle without pain).  You can also combine LV5 for that.  LV5 is the Luo-connecting point of the LV, so it is used for Mu Shen or priapism.  (*Priapism: medical disorder in which there is persistent, often painful erection of the penis in the absence of sexual interest).  For Mu Shen, Shuang He Tang (Bai Shao 20g, Shu Di 12g, Huang Qi 12g, Dang Gui 12g, Chuan Xiong 12g, Rou Gui 8g, Gan Cao 8g, Sheng Jiang 8g, Da Zao 8g) + a little bit of Sea Salt.  After taking the formula, it will be better the next morning after sleep.

4. Bleeding
Applying bleeding technique on UB40 is popular.  UB is Tai Yang, and Tai Yang has more Blood than Qi.  In addition, UB40 is the He-sea point, so bleeding this point is a very good treatment.  You can bleed for severe lower back pain, hypertension, and apoplexy.  If an obese person has acute high blood pressure, bleeding UB40 usually works right away.

5. Enuresis
UB40 can be used for enuresis.  You can add a intradermal needle on the "Bedwetting" point. (location: refer to pg.310 of HB's Handbook)

6. Clear Heat
UB40 is good for clearing two types of heat.  One is Summer-heat, and the other one is Blood-heat for skin disorders.  In general, SP10 and LI11 are combined with UB40 for skin disorders (ie, urticaria, erysipelas, herpes zoster, boils, etc.)

7. Caution
Some people used to needle this point while a patient is standing.  However it can possibly cause fainting, thus needling in the prone position is best.  Don't bleed too deeply to avoid damaging the artery.