(208) LU tonification with 4 needles

Started by HB KIM, Dec 19, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Indications are list according to the following aspects of Lung channel
Organ: Lung
Channel: Lung channel
Five Element: Metal
Six Energy: Taiyin (Damp Earth)

Tonify SP3, LU9
Sedate HT8, LU10

1. Eye: subconjunctival hemorrhage, cataract, sensitive eye due to onion peeling, excessive eye mucus
2. Qi deficiency: fatigue, diarrhea, stroke with Qi deficiency, Blood stasis due to lack of Qi movement, weakness of four limbs
3. Lung Yin deficiency: dry cough, hemoptysis, lung tuberculosis, persistent cough after measles
4. Scalp: hair loss, dendruff, head sweating/headache after bath
5. Nose: nasal obstruction due to cold, clear nasal discharge due to cold, strawberry nose
6. Back: kyphosis, lower back pain due to Lung channel deficiency
7. Lung organ: Lung accumulation, cough, excessive worry
8. Skin: dry skin, fissure of hands and feet, skin-bi
9. Right side: right side hypochondriac pain or palpable masses (according to Right LU Left LV theory)
10. Channel:shoulder pain due to dislocation of shoulder joint, joint squiking sound, hernia, knee pain

HB's Tip: Korean four needle technique should be understood by comprehensive aspects; organ, channel, five element, and six energies.