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(229) Four Doors

Started by HB KIM, Feb 05, 2008, 08:09 AM

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Acupuncture: ST25, RN12, RN6
There is a traditional treatment called the Four Doors treatment, in which ST25, RN12 and RN6 are needled.  The Four Doors combination is famous for treating obesity.  Another name for the Four Doors treatment is "cross acupuncture." The cross refers to the layout of the points chosen and emphasizes the connection between the organs and the channels.  The name "cross acupuncture" also implies the gravity of the conditions which it may treat.

Moxa: ST25, RN12, RN4
In a variation of the Four Doors treatment, moxa, rather than needles, is applied to RN12, ST25, and RN4.  According to the meditation books, this treatment is the last resort for elderly people not responding well to other treatments or other situations of chronic disease.  Its power is in warming the Front-mu points of the stomach, large intestine, and small intestine.  It facilitates overall qi of the body.