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(238) Tuberculosis (TB)

Started by HB KIM, Mar 27, 2008, 07:50 AM

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DESCRIPTION: TB is an infectious bacterial disease transmitted primarily by air that commonly affects the lungs but also can involve almost any organ of the body.  The kidneys, bone, and meninges are the most common sites where TB spreads.  AGE: most common in children and in adults over age 60; LIFESTYLE: overcrowded conditions and malnutrition are risk factors; GENDER, GENETIC: not significant factors

CAUSE: The bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes most cases of TB and is usually transmitted in airborne droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs.  Although many people are infected with the bacterium at some point in their lives, only a small proportion of these people develop TB.  People with reduced immunity are more likely to develop TB.  This includes people who are infected with HIV, those who have diabetes mellitus, and those who are taking immunosuppressant drugs.

SYMPTOMS: Initial Stage: Cough, which may be dry, and generally feeling unwell; Later Stage: Persistent cough, greenish or yellowish sputum, chest pain when inhaling deeply, shortness of breath, fever, poor appetite and weight loss, excessive sweating at night, fatigue

DIAGNOSIS: Chest X-rays, CT scanning, analysis of sputum, TB skin test, bronchoscopy, exam samples of tissues from other than the lungs

TREATMENT: Antibiotics are generally effective, but should be taken for at least 6 months. Without treatment, tuberculosis can be a lethal infection. Therefore, early diagnosis is important. Those individuals who have been exposed to a person with TB, or suspect that they have been, should be examined by a doctor for signs of TB and screened with a TB skin test.

PREVALENCE: In the United States, it is estimated that 10-15 million people are infected with the TB bacteria and 22,000 new cases of TB occur each year.


1. LU Yin deficiency: Dry cough, scanty sputum, hemoptysis, blood-streaked sputum, tidal fever, fatigue, red tongue especially anterior third, no tongue coating, thready and rapid pulse
9.0g  Shu Di
9.0g  Sheng Di
9.0g  Dang Gui
3.0g  Bai Shao
3.0g  Gan Cao
2.4g  Jie Geng
2.4g  Xuan Shen
4.5g  Chuan Bei Mu
4.5g  Mai Men Dong
4.5g  Bai He
4.5g  Bai Ji
4.5g  Ce Bai Ye
4.5g  Xian He Cao

2. Yin deficient Fire: Steaming bone fever, afternoon fever, night sweating, cough, scanty sputum, possibly greenish sputum, hemoptysis, emaciation, irritability, thin white and dry tongue coating, thready and rapid pulse
9.0g  Chai Hu
9.0g  Bie Jia
9.0g  Di Gu Pi
4.5g  Qin Jiao
4.5g  Dang Gui
4.5g  Zhi Mu
4.5g  Bai Bu
4.5g  Bai Ji

3. Qi and Yin deficiency: steaming bone fever, afternoon fever, night sweating, cough, shortness of breath, dull chest pain, heat sensation in the palms and soles, insomnia, dreaming, irritability, easily angered, emaciation, spermatorrhea or irregular menstruation, dark red tongue, thready and rapid pulse
9.0g  Tian Men Dong
9.0g  Sheng Di
9.0g  Mai Men Dong
9.0g  Shu Di
9.0g  Shan Yao
9.0g  Bai Bu
9.0g  Sha Shen
9.0g  Chuan Bei Mu
9.0g  E Jiao
9.0g  Fu Ling
9.0g  San Qi

4. SP and KD Yang deficiency: Cough and asthma, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, pallor, cold hands, feet, and body, aversion to cold food, reduced appetite, indigestion, emaciation, pale tongue with white coating, thready and rapid pulse
9.0g  Dang Gui
9.0g  Ren Shen
9.0g  Sheng Di
9.0g  Shu Di
9.0g  Bai Zhu
9.0g  Huang Qi
4.5g  Chi Fu Ling
4.5g  Bai Fu Ling
6.0g  Tian Men Dong
6.0g  Mai Men Dong
6.0g  Chi Shao
6.0g  Bai Shao
6.0g  Zhi Mu
6.0g  Huang Bai
6.0g  Wu Wei Zi
6.0g  Chai Hu
6.0g  Di Gu Pi
4.5g  Gan Cao
4.5g  Chen Pi
4.5g  Hou Po


Formula 1: Tonify deficiency and expel germs
Bai Ji  18g
Bai Gu  18g
Mu Li  15g
Zhen Zhu Mu 15g
Chuen Bei Mu  12g
E Jiao 6g
Hu Huang Lian  3g

Formula 2: Open LU, expel pathogens, nourish dryness and dissolve phlegm
Ma Huang (honey fried)  5g
Ma Huang Gen  5g
Ku Xing Ren  9g
Bai Zi Ren  9g
Tao Ren  9g
Yu Li Ren  9g

Right side: LU7, KD6
Left side: Tonify SP3 & LU9; Sedate HT8 & LU10