(246) ST Tonification with Four Needles

Started by HB KIM, Jun 03, 2008, 06:32 PM

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Indications are listed according to the following aspects of the ST channel:
Organ: Stomach
Channel: ST channel
Five Element: Earth
Six Energy: Yangming (Dry Metal)

Note: Korean Four-Needle Technique should be understood  comprehensively including the organs, channels, five elements and six energies.

Points: Tonify SI5, ST41  Sedate GB41, ST43

ST deficiency: indigestion, abdominal distention, loose stool
2. Stomach organ: stomach ulcer, esp. in overweight patients. (if skinny, tonify SP)
3. Middle Jiao: indigestion, abdominal distention/pain, loose stool; vomiting (SI5 alone is effective); constipation, diarrhea
4. Damp: nausea, indigestion due to middle Jiao Damp (like Ping Wei San)
5. Summer-Heat Damp: diarrhea, vomiting; like Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San
6. Water: pleurisy, water accumulation in the chest, excessive saliva
7. Headache: headache after eating; Wind-Phlegm dizziness
8. Dizziness/Tinnitus: Wind-Phlegm dizziness/tinnitus (like Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang)
9. Heat: heat stagnation, clear ministral fire; include eye disorders
10. Bleeding disorders: epistaxis, uterine bleeding
11. Gynecology: infertility, irregular menstruation (like Wen Jing Tang); leukorrhea
12. Mental disorders: schizophrenia, hysteria (like Gan Mai Da Zao Tang); anxiety, rushing/impatience, irritability, palpitations
13. Sleep disorders: insomnia (sedate UB62), somnolence (sedate KD6)
14. Mental aspect: if money is more important than humanity, obsession with money, business is the priority, disregard for family, other stuff
15. Channel flow: nasal discharge, toothache, visual obstruction