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(30) Sudden Aphasia Case

Started by HB KIM, Sep 18, 2007, 07:11 AM

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Aphasia due to emotional Shock

CASE: A 19 year old girl  was emotionally hurt after having  a conversation with her boyfriend.  She fainted after crying for over an hour.  While she was crying she was complaining of having severe headache.  She woke up 20 minutes after.  When she woke up she couldn't talk.  Her tongue was so contracted that it wasn't reaching the inner surface of the bottom teeth.  She couldn't make any sound for 3 days.

ACUPUNCTURE TX: 4th day from the incidence
Left: HT tonification (+LV1, HT9, -KD10, -HT3)   
Right: PC6, SP4

FORMULA TX (3 packs)
Ning Xin Dao Tan Tang (Calm Shen Expel Phlegm Decoction) - listed from Classic Korean Formula book from 19th century.
12g : Ban Xia
8g : Dan Nan Xing
8g : Chen Pi
8g : Zhi Ke
8g : Fu Ling
8g : Shi Chang Pu
4g : Yuan Zhi
4g : Huang Lian
4g : Huang Qin
4g : Gan Cao

Progression: She was getting better gradually and  after the 3rd pack, her aphasia sx was completely recovered.  Today, I got a phone call from her saying that everything is back to normal.