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(270) Q & A: Weight Control

Started by HB KIM, Jan 06, 2009, 12:49 AM

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Q:  Just wondering what is the principle acupuncture points and supplementary points used in patients who wants to get help in losing weight? Her BMI index is overweight. She feels heavy in her lower abdomen and she has sweating of hands and feet (this is just a few of her symptoms) The OM diagnosis for this person is SP Qi def with dampness accumulation.

I have thought of this point: Open gate, Ren 12, Ren 6, St 36, Sp 9, St 40, KI 7 or KI 9 for water retention

Is e-stim useful in this case?
Ear seeds?

A:  :) Modern Chinese Acupuncture

1. The general treatment strategy in using acupuncture for weight loss: is to strengthen the Spleen, harmonize the Stomach, transform phlegm and drain dampness, warm and unblock the channels and collaterals, as well as raise the clear and descend the turbid

2. Select points: along the Foot Taiyin Spleen channel, Foot Yangming Stomach channel, the Ren channel and Foot Taiyang Bladder channel. Use tonifying or draining methods according to pattern diagnosis

3. Locations
On the abdomen: choose ST25, RN6, and RN9. Insert the needles perpendicularly to a depth of approximately 1 cun
On the upper limbs: use LI4 and SJ6. Insert the needles perpendicularly to a depth of approximately 1.5 cun
On the lower limbs: select ST36, ST37 and ST39, use perpendicular insertion to a depth of approximately 2 cun. For all these points, needling should result in the area feeling achy and distended

4. Technique
● Select 4-6 points at a 1 or 2 cun from RN8. Needle all points obliquely towards the navel. Insert to about 1 cun, or until the area is achy and distended

5. Differentiation
Spleen deficiency: add UB20, RN12, and RN4, using a tonification technique
Stomach Heat: add UB21 and UB17. Use a draining technique, and strong stimulation.
Liver and Gallbaldder damp-heat: add UB18, UB17, and LV3; use a draining technique
Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency: add UB18, UB23, KD3, and SP6. Apply a tonifying technique
Qi stagnation and Blood stasis: add UB18, UB17, LV3, and SP10. Use a draining technique on LV3 and tonifying on all other points.

6. Electro Acupuncture
After the arrival of Qi, an electrical acupuncture stimulation device may be applied to the needle handles. Use continuous waveform, with a frequency of 3-4 cycles/second, and an intensity as strong as the patient can tolerate. Treat for 30 minutes. Treatment should be given every other day; a treatment course consists of one month of treatment.

7. Key aspect
The key aspect of acupuncture treatment for weight-loss is to select points on the basis of pattern differentiation; and to use tonifying or draining manipulations suitable to the body's Yin and Yang, Zang Fu, Qi and Blood, and Channels. In this way, it can achieve similar treatment results for different patients.


;) HB's tip

According to the element treatment, best treatment is tonify LI1 and sedate SP3.
LI1 is Metal point on Metal channel, Yangming (Dry Metal) channel
SP3 is Earth point on Earth channel, Taiyin (Damp Earth) channel
If someone want to gain weight, you can do vice versa (tonify SP3, sedate LI1)

You can tonify ST or LI in four needle technique.
Tonify ST: tonify LI5 & ST41, sedate GB41, ST43   for Earth deficiency
Tonify LI: tonify ST36 & LI11, sedate SI5 & LI5     for Metal deficiency
They are Yangming (Dry Metal) channels, thus good for the weight control.

I still think local point on the site (abdomen, thigh, upper arm, etc.) needling is most important.
1. I use 2-3 cun needles depending on the location.
2. Needle in the "fat" layer.  First needle about 2cm perpendicular and change the direction of needle and slid in the fat layer. 
3. After that, I use the machine creating a specific current which produces electolipolysis.