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(289) Lower Three Emperors

Started by HB KIM, Sep 08, 2009, 04:40 PM

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Tian Huang Fu (Heaven Emperor Fu) = 1.5 cun below SP9  *
Di Huang (Earth Emperor) = SP7 *
Ren Huang (Human Emperor) = SP6 *

Tian Huang & Tian Huang Fu: The "Lower Three Emperors" combination is very confusing in Master Tung style acupuncture, because of the similar names and proximity to other Spleen channel points.  It may seem like SP9 (Tian Huang), SP7 (Di Huang), and SP6 (Ren Huang) can be a "Lower Three Emperors" combination, but this is incorrect.  Instead of SP9 (Tian Huang), 1.5 cun below SP9 (Tian Huang Fu) is used as part of the "Lower Three Emperors".  Practitioners may make a mistake and use SP9 instead of Tian Huang Fu, which would not be as effective as the correct point combination.

Lower Three Emperors:  Tian Huang Fu (77.18) + Di Huang (77.19) + Ren Huang (77.21)


(1) TIAN HUANG FU (Heaven Emperor Fu) = SHEN GUAN (Kidney Gate)
Name: Asian practitioners call this point Shen Guan (Kidney Gate) often for two reasons: First, Tian Huang Fu can be confused with Tian Huang, since they are very similar names, and Second, Shen Guan (Kidney Gate) implies the action of the point.

Frozen Shoulder: For frozen shoulder, when the arm can't be lifted, this point is a very good distal point.  This area relates to the shoulder area according to image balancing.  The indication can also be explained by the SP (taiyin) channels ability to communicate with the LU (taiyin) channel contra-laterally (name-sharing relationship), as well as the SI (taiyang) channel (in same-energy balancing).  If the arm can't be lifted forward, then LU5 bleeding technique can be combined, and if the arm can't be lifted backward, Zu Wu Jin (77.25) is combined.

Other Indications: Like the point name suggests, this is an essential KD tonic point, which is used for sciatica, upper/lower back pain, and headache.  Its also used for eyeball disorders when combined with KD7.  It is a good point for excessive urination, and enuresis, and is used for chest pain with perpendicular treatment.  For mental disorders, Shen Guan is used with the Four gates (LI4 and LV3).

*TIAN HUANG (SP9):  SP9 is the Water Point on the Earth channel, which means it can tonify both the SP and KD, and can treat various disorders due to SP/KD deficiency.  Tian Huang (SP9) is usually combined with Shen Guan (1.5cun below SP9) to strengthen this action.  Both points can be used for cases of proteinuria due to dual SP/KD deficiency.

(2) DI HUANG (Earth Emperor)
One might think that Di Huang (Earth Emperor) should be located lower on the body than Ren Huang (Human Emperor) when considering the order of Heaven-Human-Earth.  However, SP6 can treat human circuit issues such as insomnia, which is why it is named Ren Huang (Human Emperor).

In TCM, Di Huang is at the location of SP7.  The name of SP7, "Leaking valley", implies leucorrhea since the 'valley' in this case refers to the genital area.  Wan Dai Tang is the formula which corresponds to this point.  In Tung style acupuncture, Di Huang also can address the genital area, but relates more to the KD aspect than the SP.

(3) REN HUANG (Human Emperor)
In TCM, SP6 is very popular point, as it is the crossing point of the Three Foot Yin channels.  It is indicated for gynecological and urogenital disorders in TCM, and has the same indications in Tung style usage.   However, in TCM SP6 is used as a basic point for insomnia with HT7 and Anmian, which it is not indicated for in Tung style.  Although SP6 is very powerful point itself, it usually combined with Shen Guan and Di Huang as a "Three Lower Emperors" combination in Tung style acupuncture.

In Tung style acupuncture, the above three points are usually combined together rather than used individually.  They are all on the SP channel though they are indicated in KD related disorders.  Therefore, "Lower Three Emperors" can tonify both the KD and SP, but are more famous as a "KD tonic".  They are simply the best KD tonic in Tung style acupuncture.  All of the following KD related disorders are common indications of the "Three Lower Emperors" - Kidney organ disorders, impotence, urinary disorders, diabetes, dizziness, irregular menstruation, and lumbago due to KD deficiency. 

Note:  Tung style Acupuncture uses points distinct from the meridian points and extra points recognized by contemporary TCM.  Solid understanding of the traditional meridians and point functions is necessary in order to implement Tung style acupuncture effectively.