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(301) Same Name Attraction

Started by HB KIM, Apr 14, 2010, 05:14 PM

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In this theory, channels that share the same name attract/relate to the other channel of opposite hand/foot polarity.  For example, the Shaoyang Hand SJ channel can be used to treat the Shaoyang Foot GB channel, and vice versa.  If you want to treat the Hand Taiyin channel, you can therefore use the Foot Taiyin channel.

1. Regular point examples
If the patient is having pain at LU10, you can needle the area around SP3 or SP4 to treat it.  The chart shown here gives many more examples of point balancing with this theory. 

(1) Yin channel example: Taiyin (LU - SP)
LU11 - LU1
LU10 - SP3
LU9 - SP5
LU7 - SP6
LU5 - SP9

(2) Yang channel example: Taiyang (SI - UB)
SI1 - UB67
SI3 - UB65
SI5 - UB62
SI8 - UB40
SI10 - UB36

*Please refer to p.377 in the <Minibook of Oriental Medicine> to see all the channels.

2. Tung point examples
Many of the Master Tung points have indications that reflect this theory.  Wan Shun Yi and Wan Shun Er, located in the SI3/SI4 area, are used to treat UB channel lower back pain and lateral foot pain on the UB channel.  Another example is the set of Wu Hu points on the thumb, along the LU channel, which are used to treat big toe pain on the SP channel.