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(62) Weakness of limbs

Started by HB KIM, Sep 18, 2007, 07:26 AM

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Formula for Weakness of Limbs

Indication: Weakness of hands and Feet, Deficient type of wind-stroke, Lower back pain, Limbs pain
6.4g   Xu Duan
6.4g   Du Zhong 
6.4g   Fang Feng 
6.4g   Fu Ling 
6.4g   Niu Xi 
6.4g   Ren Shen
6.4g   Gui Zhi 
6.4g   Dang Gui 
6.4g   Gan Cao 
3.2g   Chuan Xiong
3.2g   Du Huo 
3.2g   Qin Jiao 
3.2g   Shu Di Huang 
3.2g   Xi Xin 

4 Needle technique
Tonify LU on the Left side (+SP3, +LU9, -HT8, -LU10) according to the theory of "Left Blood, Right Qi".  Weakness of limbs is due to Qi deficiency.  Thus Tonify LU (b/c LU governs Qi) on the opposite side of Right (b/c Right=Qi).