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(296) UB18 (Liver Shu)

Started by HB KIM, Feb 09, 2010, 06:57 PM

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UB18 (Liver Shu)

1. Liver patterns
Usually the back-shu points of the Yin organs are more effective for deficiency patterns, rather than excess.  For example, UB23 is chosen for KD deficiency and UB15 for HT deficiency.  As the Liver has both form as Yin, related to its ability to store blood, and function as Yang, related to its ability to smooth Qi, UB18 can be used for both deficiency and excess patterns of the Liver.  Therefore, UB18 is used for not only LV Blood deficiency and LV Wind (which can be an excess or deficiency pattern), but also for LV Qi stagnation, LV Blood stasis, LV fire, and LV/GB Damp-Heat.

2. Muscle diseases
The Liver governs the muscles and tendons.  UB18 works better for muscle disorders than points on the Liver channel itself.  Related muscle disorders include hemiplegia.

3. Lumbago
UB18 can be used for general muscle disorders and lumbago due to muscle tightness, especially when the muscle tightness occurs on one side. In these cases, cupping on the protruded or tight spot should be used, followed by needling of UB18.

4. Sooth Qi
UB18 is good for Liver, Gall bladder, and digestive diseases because the Liver smoothes the Qi.  Gastrospasm is a good candidate for needling of UB18.

5. Eye disorders
UB18 can also be used for all kinds of eye disorders, including night blindness, amblyopia (failing of eyesight), excessive lachrymation (tearing), red eyes, and itching of the eyes.

6. UB18 diagnosis
If right UB18 is tender or painful, it's usually indicative of Liver or Gall bladder disease.  If left UB18 is tender or painful, it is a sign of Spleen or Stomach disease.  Usually right UB18 is often more tender than the left.

7. Insomnia
For cases of insomnia, one can needle both right and left UB18, following the channel.  This would be especially good for Suan Zao Ren Tang type of Insomnia, where it is due to LV Blood deficiency leading to HT Yin deficiency.