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(112) Temporal Headache

Started by HB KIM, Sep 18, 2007, 08:08 AM

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Temporal headache

Opposite side: Sedate GB38
Affected side: Sedate LV2

This treatment is based on Pyung-Chim (Korean Yin-Yang Balancing Acupuncture).  In Pyung-Chim, there are 6 systems and 24 possible points for a disorder of one channel.  The above two points were chosen from system 1 and system 2 because they are simple and clinically very effective. 

Pyung-Chim mainly uses the Fire and Water points of each channel.  In this case, Heat or Yang rising is a major etiology for temporal headache, so the Fire point and sedating technique were chosen.

The Fire point of the affected channel must be tonified on the affected side, and sedated on the opposite side.  That's why GB38 on the opposite side is sedated.  As part of system 2, the paired channel (LV) must have the opposite treatment plan because it is the Yin-Yang pair of the GB channel. That's why LV2 was chosen to be sedated on the affected side.