(210) Q & A: Diabetes with Damp-Heat

Started by HB KIM, Dec 28, 2007, 04:21 PM

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Q:  Hx: 62yoa M with 10 years of diabetes and gives self insulin shots

Associated Sx's: Obese, gout in L-knee, asthmatic w/usage of inhaler, shallow breathing upon exertion, has pre-cancerous cells on skin of arms and face, hypertensive, impotent, back pain, blisters w/yellow liquid on skin of bilateral legs, insomnia, had congestive heart failure with total renal failure 10 years ago, frequent night urination, and very dry skin.

Tongue: Red/no coat. Lots cracks along LU, HT, & one center vertical crack.
Pulse: Varies. R: soggy, slippery, strong. L: slippery and strong; but sometimes thready.


Excess: Damp, Heat
Deficiency: Qi, Yin
Target organ: LU, HT, KD

Huang Qi  30g
Fu Shen  10g
Bai Ji Li  12g
Shan Yao  24g
Mai Men Dong  10g
Bai Wei  6g
Gou Qi Zi  15g
Tian Hua Fen  6g
Gua Lou Ren  6g
Xuan Shen  15g
Cang Zhu  9g
Huang Bai  9g
Huai Niu Xi  12g