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(272) Q & A: Grover's disease

Started by HB KIM, Jan 06, 2009, 12:55 AM

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Q:  Hi HB,

Have you heard of Grover's diz.  It's a skin dz that affects mainly older men, out of the blue.  I have a patient who has this, it is similar to eczema.  he is very itchy, with just little unraised dots on his skin, and a very flushed face.  his tongue is yin xu, red no coat.

Since the patient have Yin deficiency, Modified Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can be used.

Shu Di Huang  24g
Shan Zhu Yu  12g
Shan Yao  12g
Ze Xie  9g
Mu Dan Pi  9g
Fu Ling  9g
Ji Xue Teng  12g
Bai Xian Pi  12g
Han Lian Cao  9g
Bai Jiang Chan  9g

LU tonification (Tonify SP3, LU9, Sedate HT8, LU10)  is a good treatment for this case.  Because LU governs skin and LU is Taiyin (Damp Earth).  LU tonification is good for skin disorders with Yin deficiency.


Grover's disease, or Transient Acantholytic Dyskeratosis (TAD), is a common skin disease characterized by small red, bumpy spots.  Grover's disease often starts quite suddenly. It results in very itchy spots on the central back, mid chest and occasionally elsewhere. Frequently, it follows sweating or some unexpected heat stress.  Symptoms of Grover's disease are characterized by an itchy eruption that may last an average of 10-12 months. It is characterized by papules and papulovesicles with excoriations occurring on the chest, back, lower sternum, arms, and thighs. Grover's Disease is mainly seen in males over the age of forty and the papules are found on the mid chest most often.  Sometimes the features of Grover's are found in people who do not itch or have a conspicuous rash. Most of the people with Grover's who visit a dermatologist, however, itch a lot.